Pictorial Histories - Aviation / Naval / Military continued:


West Virginia Air Power

by Jack H. Smith

A Pictorial History of the 130th & 167th Tactical Airlift Group

8-1/2x11, 76 pgs., 186 photos, four color pgs., sb. $9.95 ISBN 0-929521-53-6

Mountaineer Sabres

by Jack H. Smith

167th Fighter Squadron West Virginia Air National Guard, 1955-1991

8-1/2x11, 56 pgs., 99 photos, sb. $7.95 ISBN 0-929521-02-1

Koga's Zero

by Jim Reardon

The Fighter That Changed World War II

Found upside down in an Alaskan bog in the eighth month of our war with Japan, a Japanese Zero fighter plane was retrieved and soon test flown by U.S. pilots. Knowledge gained from those flights ended the dominance of the Zero in the Pacific.

7x10, 124 pgs., 64 photos, sb. $12.95 ISBN 0-929521-56-0

The Buzzard Brigade

by Stephen L. Moore with William J. Shinneman and Robert Gruebel

Torpedo Squadron Ten At War

Carrier warfare in the Pacific from Guadalcanal to Okinawa with one of the Navy's most famous avenger squadrons.

8-1/2x11, 324 pgs., 144 photos and maps, hb. $29.95 ISBN 1-57510-011-8

Mustangs & Unicorns

by Jack H. Smith

A History of the 359th FG

8-1/2x11, 256 pgs., 473 photos, sb. $19.95 ISBN 1-57510-029-0

Wings to the Orient

by Stan Cohen

Pan American Clipper Planes, 1935-1945

The definitive pictorial history of the three flying boats that were used by Pan American Airways to open the Pacific and Orient to air travel in the 1930s.

8-1/2x11, 224 pgs., 304 photos, sb. $14.95 ISBN 0-933126-61-1


by Stephen Harding & James Long

The Story of the Consolidated B-32 Bomber

11x8-1/2, 64 pgs., 62 photos, sb. $8.95 ISBN 0-933126-38-7

Destination Tokyo

by Stan Cohen

A Pictorial History of Doolittle's Tokyo Raid, April 18, 1942

One of the most daring and dangerous missions of World War II.

8-1/2x11, 136 pgs., 165 photos, maps, sb. $14.95 ISBN 0-933126-29-8

Four Came Home

by Carroll V. Glines

The Gripping Story of the Survivors of Jimmy Doolittle's Two Lost Crews

7x10, 184 pgs., over 40 photos, sb. $14.95 ISBN1-57510-007-X

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