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James Monroe - An Illustrated History
by Daniel Preston

    There are a number of books about Monroe that use words, both his own and those of his biographers, to help us understand him and his place in the history of the American nation. There are also two fine museums dedicated to his memory that further this understanding by the display of his personal belongings. This book attempts to expand on this understanding by presenting a visual display of his life and world. It uses portraits of Monroe, his family, and associates; images of places and events made by artists of the time; interpretive views by later artists, and present day photographs.
8-1/2x 11, 160 pgs., full color. sb. - Price to be determined-.
Coming Spring 2008

Yellowstone by Train
A History Of Rail Travel To America's First National Park
by Thornton Waite

    The history of Yellowstone National Park and railroad travel to Yellowstone are closely connected because the railroad was the only practical means of reaching the park for many years.The railroads promoted the establishment and development of the park because they saw it as a potential business opportunity. This book covers all five entrances to the park and the railroads that serviced them.
8-1/2x 11, 168 pgs., full color, hundreds of photos, maps,  brochures, sb.  $24.95 ISBN 1-57510-129-7

Downhill In Montana
Early Day Skiing in the Treasure State and Yellowstone
National Park
by Stan Cohen

    Alpine skiing in Montana and Yellowstone National Park has a rich past dating from the late 19th century. From simple homemade rope tows to present high-speed quad chair lifts and trams, the history of over 60 ski areas is illustrated in this book in black and white and color photographs, newspaper articles, correspondence, ski patches and personal accounts.
8-1/2x 11, 278 pgs., full color, 500 photos, maps brochures, letters,  charts, sb.  $24.95 ISBN 978-1-57510-136-1


Kantishna - Mushers, Miners, Mountaineers

The Pioneer Story Behind Mount McKinley National Park

by Tom Walker

The Kantishna is rife with storiesof courage, loyalty and challenges met head-on. Bouts with wild beasts, isolation, disease, accidents and cosmic cold. Here to are darker tales—of armed robbery, attempted murder, suicide and insanity. Market hunters slaughterd the wildlife. Unscrupulous trappers poisoned animals for their fur. Here are stories of these tough pioneers, tales similar to those that inspired Robert Service and Jack London—only these stories are true.

6x 9, 242 pgs., 39 photos, maps, drawings, sb.  $17.95  ISBN 1-57510-124-6

One Night In A Bad Inn
by Christy Leskovar

The fascinating true story of two colorful immigrant families who lived through extraordinary times. Rich in history and character, this remarkable saga follows a notorious matriarch, two daring fugitives, a heroic Irish doughboy, and a beautiful, inspiring lady across the parched plains of eastern Montana to a raucous mining town to the bloody battlefields of the First World War. It is a great read through which the reader learns some intriguing history through the lives of some very intriguing people.

 6x9, 594 pgs., 200 photos, 6 maps archival-quality hardbound $24.95 + $5.00 shp.  ISBN 1-57510-123-8

Lewis and Clark Trail
The Photo Journal
by George Thomas

If  Lewis and Clark had had the good fortune to document their amazing journey with photographs, these are the scenes that would have been recorded.

11x8-1/2 format, 136 pgs., 195 full-color photos, maps, sb.
$19.95 ISBN 0-0970599-20-X

This title is out of print

A Bird of Passage
The story of My Life
by Otto Lang

A vivid accout of an interesting life of a dedicated ski instructor who got as far in Hollywood as he did on the slopes.
6x9 format, 380 pgs., 96 photos, sb. 11x8-1/2 format, 152 pgs., hundreds of full-color photos, hb.
6x9", 380 pgs., 96 photos, sb., $19.95 ISBN 1-57510026-6

Breaking Even

by Dick Barrymore

Barrymore's story of his days making ski movies

6x9", 202 pgs., 60 photos, sb., $17.95 ISBN 1-57510-037-1

On The Road to Yellowstone

The Yellowstone Trail - 1900-1930

by Harold A. Meeks

This book traces the history of America's early roads (1900-1916) with an emphasis on the famous Yellowstone Trail that stretched from Boston to Seattle through the northern tier of states.

208 - pages  256 photos and drawings full color cover, sb - $15.95 ISBN 1-57510-079-7

The Eisenhowers

by Stan Cohen

Gettysburg's First Family

This book is a pictorial review of the Eisenhowers and their life at the farm. The Eisenhower farm complex, purchased by Ike and Mamie in 1951, is now open to the public and is adminstered by the National Park Service.

7x10, 60 pgs., 75 photos, saddle-stitched $7.95 ISBN 0-933126-25-5

The Tree Army

by Stan Cohen

A Pictorial History of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942

This book explores the many aspects of the CCC's history

8-1/2x11, 172 pgs., 193 photos, sb. $14.95 ISBN 0-933126-11-5


by Richard K. Schrader

The Full Story of the Anglo-French SST
8-1/2x11, 90 pgs., 90 photos, sb. $9.95 ISBN 0-929521-16-1

Play Winning Cribbage

by DeLynn Colvert

The definitive book on playing cribbage written by the No. 1-ranked player in the U.S.

8x10, 160 pgs., illustrations, sb. $15.00 ISBN 0-9612548-0-7

The Hidden Hazards in House and Garden Plants

by David Spoerke, Barbara Evans and Barbara Linaburg

The more popular house and garden plants that are best kept away from young children are described.

8-1/2x11, 248 pgs, 200 plants described, spiral bound $29.95 ISBN 0-929521-26-9

A Pictorial History of Downhill Skiing

by Stan Cohen

The first comprehensive pictorial book on downhill skiing to be published in the last 20 years.

8-1/2x11, 256 pgs., 500 photos and drawings, sb. $14.95 ISBN 0-933126-55-7

The Games of '36

by Stan Cohen

A Pictorial History of the 1936 Olympics in Germany The cast of characters includes Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering, Avery Brundage and the great athletes of the 1930s including Jesse Owens and Sonja Henie.

8-1/2x11, 248 pgs., over 300 photos, diagrams, and newspaper clippings, 12 color pgs., sb. $19.95 ISBN 1-57510-009-6

Gretchen's Gold

by Luanne Pfeifer

The Story of Gretchen Fraser, America's First Gold Medalist in Olympic Skiing

6x9, 184 pgs., 90 photos, hb. $19.95 ISBN 1-57510-019-3

This title is out of print

Franzl II

by Fran X. Gabl

From 4 years on the Russian Front, 1941-1945, to standing on the Olympic podium in 1948, an autobiography.

6x9", 322 pages, 34 photos, sb., $14.95 ISBN 1-57510-073-8


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