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West Virginia"s Civil War Sites

by Stan Cohen

Over 230 sites connected in some way with the Civil War in West Virginia are included in this volume.

8 1/2"x 11", 132 pgs., 400 photos, maps & drawings, sb, - $10.95 ISBN  0-929521-34


The Civil War in West Virginia

by Stan Cohen

Civil War in West Virginia looks at the skirmishes, battles and politics that shaped West Virginia's role in the Civil War.

8 1/2"x 11", 169 pgs., 250 photos, 24 maps, sb,- $15.95 ISBN 1-89152-03-5

A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment Volume I

by Gordon Damman, D.D.S.

One of the largest private collections of Civil War medical instruments and equipment in the United States is pictured here along with a short narrative of medical practices of the times.

8-1/2x11, 104 pgs., 200 photos, sb. $9.95 ISBN 0-933126-32-8

A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment Volume II

by Gordon Dammann, D.D.S.

This companion volume offers new information on a long-neglected Civil War subject written by one of the leading authorities on Civil War medical history.

8-1/2x11, 96 pgs., 297 photos, sb. $9.95 ISBN 0-933126-94-8

A Pictorial History of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment Volume III

by Gordon Dammann, D.D.S.

This third volume offers even more new information and photographs on this fascinating area of American history.

8-1/2x11, 132 pgs., 350 photos, sb. $9.95 ISBN 1-57510-034-7

This title is out of print

Hands Across the Wall -

The 50th and 75th Reunions of the Gettysburg Battle

by Stan Cohen

The two greatest Civil War Veteran gatherings of the 20th Century, 1913 and 1938 reunions of the Battle of Gettysburg.

8-12x11, 76 pages, 122 photos, maps, sb. $7.95 ISBN 0-933126-18-2

A Pictorial History of Civil War Era Musical Instruments and Military Bands

by Robert Garofalo & Mark Elrod

Mostly never before published photos of a colorful era of history. Nearly half are of the instruments made in America between 1840 and 1870.

8-1/2x11, 124 pgs., 240 photos, sb. $12.95 ISBN 0-933126-60-3

Rise of the Ironclads

by George F. Amadon

The design conversion,manufacture, design problems and operating features of the warships U.S.S. Monitor and U.S.S. Merrimack (later captured by the Confederates and renamed the C.S.S. Virginia).

1x8-1/2, 80 pgs., 60 photos, full-color foldout, saddle-stitched, sb, $9.95

ISBN 0-933126-90-5

Civil War Military Music

Cassette and CD Performed by Heritage Americana

Sixty minutes of music performed on authentic mid-19th century instruments-rotary valve cornets, over the shoulder saxhorns and rope tension drums.

Cassette $8.95 CD $14.95

Robert E. Lee and the 35th Star

by Tim McKinney

Military campaigns of eastern Virginia and other theaters of the war eventually cast the West Virginia campaigns into obscurity, a truly historical injustice as West Virginia was the first theater of the war.

6x9, 252 pgs., 40 photos, maps, sb. $11.95 ISBN 0-929521-75-7

Civil War Memoirs of Two Rebel Sisters

by William Wintz

8-1/2x11, 84 pgs. 50 photos, drawings, maps, sb. $9.95 ISBN 0-929521-24-2

Images of the Civil War In West Virginia

by Terry Lowry & Stan Cohen

Hundreds of photos and drawings of the war in West Virginia

8-1/2x11",206 pgs.,over 300 photos, sb., $17.95 ISBN1-891852-12-4

John Brown
"The Thundering Voice of Jehovah, A pictorial Heritage"

by Stan Cohen

Revisit the raid on the Harpers Ferry arsenal and the fiery abolitinonist who led it.

8-1/2x11",196pgs., 270 photos, maps & drawings, sb., $14.95 ISBN 1-57510-055-X

John Brown Mysteries

by Allies for Freedom

6x9",128pgs., illustrations, sb.,$11.95 ISBN 1-57510-059-2

The General & The Texas

by Stan Cohen & James G. Bogie

A pictorial history of the Andrews Raid, April 12, 1862

8-1/2x11", 154pgs.,233 photos & maps, sb., $17.95 ISBN 1-57510-060-6

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